We don’t hire teachers that we personally wouldn’t want to spend time with on a weekly basis. We are only as good as our teachers and we are proud to say that we have great ones!

Founder / Director

Nadia Dorsey

Nadia has been inspiring people through her own passion for language and culture for over twenty years. Having traveled to over sixty countries around the world and having lived in Spain, Italy, France, and Turkey she understands what it is like to feel lost in the language chaos of not being able to communicate. Although Nadia comes from a multicultural background, she grew up speaking only English but has acquired fluency in Spanish, Italian and French and proficiency in Arabic and uses these techniques to help others learn languages.

Nadia is a cum laude graduate of Duke University and has attended several international language institutions such as the Leonardo Da Vinci Institute in Rome, Italy, the Medici Language Institute in Florence, Italy, the University of San Pablo in Madrid, Spain, and the Sorbonne and the Alliance Francaise in Paris, France. She is an AP Board Certified teacher for Spanish and a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Accelerator program. Recently, Nadia was nominated for Excellence in Entrepreneurship by the Orange County Business Journal and showcased as a leading female entrepreneur by Next Generation TV. Nadia is passionate about languages, learning and teaching and enjoys sharing these passions with others.

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